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Its another Monday.Looking back at the history of the blog posts that I have, you can see that I love to blog on Mondays.Why?Hmm, usually, I will set expectations for the week on either Sunday or Monday, and Monday is the super-long days with lessons.

I used to have this mindset about JC curriculum->such a waste of time.Take Mondays for example. 3 tutorials(3.5hrs), 2 lectures(2hrs), 1 practical(2hrs) thats a total of 7.5hours.Hmm, and in practice, its 9 hours with my last lesson ending at 5:10pm.

That 1.5 hour balance is for lunch + break. The worse thing is, everyday after the first hour of lessons,we are given a break! Lol. The school REALLY takes care of our welfare. Haha.

Its not that I am complaining, but the timetable looks really relaxing. I wonder, are we on holiday?

Hmm, 6th week of school. I am already starting to have backlog. I hope to clear everything by this weekend.

For my friends looking at this blog, thanks for reading my short post.

For my classmates, these are the things in stall(store? I am confused!) for us at the time of writing:

  1. Vocab Test(!),Wednesday,7/2

  2. H1 Econs makeup lecture, Tuesday,6/2,5.30pm-6.40pm@LT1,Lecturer: Mr Chu

  3. GP tutorial (make up),Wednesday,7/2,after H1 Lecture,2:40-3:40pm.

  4. I think thats all.

Oh yah, doing a service for the school(I am not paid or offered any incentives for doing this):
"I@Fun-Innova having fun.
Come down to Innova Junior College at 21 Champions Way, on this Saturday,10/2!"

If you want tickets, contact me by Thursday,coz last collection is on Thursday.

I will end this post off with a MV of the song played on my blog currently:
TANK- 專屬天使


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