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I have been busy getting my life in place. So that explains why I have yet to update my blog for ages.

The K2 completed its run in Korea just two weeks back. The political thriller features action packed scenes that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seat.

Featuring Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoona (SNSD) as the lead, the drama is about how a hired mercenary who ends up as a bodyguard in a very powerful security company with connections politically.

Kim Jae Ha (Ji Chang Wook), the protagonist of the drama tries to get over the death of his girlfriend, whom he decided to marry once he is back in Korea. However, she died because of the antagonist.

Jae Ha was framed for killing the girl. Not just that, he is also wanted because of reasons which will be revealed in the later part of the drama. He somehow managed to get back to Korea, and on the way met Anna (Yoona), who was hidden overseas by the stepmother. (Cinderella?) 

In the world of coincidence of Korean dramas, the stepmother will also become his employer, his revenge buddy, his "friend". 

The drama features intense action scenes with Jae Ha keep getting into fights with the goodies and baddies. Mostly the baddies. Very soon, he finds himself in the middle of a political fight, a family feud, a family problem, with all the main characters. With plot twist and the episodes keeping us in suspense, it is hard to predict what will happen in the next scene. 

I like the romance between Jae Ha and Anna in addition to all those action. Not the "cannot make up his/her mind" kind in many Korean dramas. The slow building up of interests in the two makes it a sweet addition in an otherwise very action packed drama.

So what will happen in the end? Will there be a happy ending? Go watch it and find out yourself!

Photo from The K2 Facebook.

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