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For those who are curious, I Balik Kampung (Back to Village) during Chinese New Year.


Hehe! I find it as a unique experience every time I head up on the North South highway.

On the Northern side of the 2nd Link, it lies a land of lush green jungles. (:

Even if you don’t know you are in a foreign land, your telco won’t be the second one to inform you.


(Yar, plus the usual reminders to ask you roam with their partners so you won’t be charged so much, sooooo much!)

So as usual, if you travel up to KL Malaysia via bus, they will let you take a short rest (toilet break, food, etc) halfway at Yong Peng. Yes, YONG PENG, where Ah Kiao (Already Famous) is from!

Don’t know who is Ah Kiao, see here:

This is an example of a place in Yong Peng that they will let you drop off. Depends on the bus operator, they will drop you at different places. If they don’t give you a rest at one of these “restaurants”, you need to sit for 5 hours to KL!!!


Some of these “restaurants” are air-conditioned and the rest ain’t. I have been to this one before when I took the same bus operator a few years back! Hehe.

After that, the bus hit back on the route to KL!

Many of these buses will either drop you at Puduraya (now closed le) or somewhere in downtown KL! Of course, I will get my relatives to pick me up from some rest station close to KL to avoid the unnecessary jams! Smile with tongue out

Okay, this concludes part 1. Part 2 will come with some details of my CNY there!

Paiseh, very few pictures. Lazy and tired to take out the camera to snap photos! Smile

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