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Any idea what I meant in the title?Haix, its Parents-Tutors Meeting once again.Haix.

Besides that, I have updated my blog with new links.Added blogs of my classmates and friends,added some websites for you to surf, added some artists blogs that I frequent. I don't really know these artists. It just happened that I saw their blogs at one website, so I went in to take a look, and found that they are quite well designed and some have quite interesting contents.Hmm, you can go to the wretch(æ— åå°ç«™ï¼‰link that I have placed under the websites column.

I have also once again update my playlist at The album is played once the page finish loading.

I love to read blogs, but I don't read them that frequently. :)
So, write more so that I can read them. :)
Haha. See ya.

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