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My Weekly Report

Recently, there is a whole chain of events happening around me, making me unable to update my blog often.

First, my laptop was down. I tried playing around with another Operating System and "managed" to get myself burnt.

The OS I was playing screwed up my MBR and the recovery partition, leading to the inability to boot up or reinstall. Now my laptop is much lighter, as it just came back from an overhaul by the excellent team over at Hewlett Packard. All my stuff is backed up on my portable hard disk drive:

Love this portable disk! I got the version with 500gb so it seems like an endless pit for me to fill up. Now it is only 30gb filled. =)

Nevertheless, if I got the time, I will try it on another PC which has been left collecting dust in my brother's room. Wasn't able to load any OS on that PC without the computer hanging.

Moving on, it has been a busy week for my office. The preparation of the seminar to the execution of the seminar. Have to battle with the compatibility of the two suites of the office productivity solution and technical limitations. It ended without much of a problem and I was very tired.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with a little picture of something my friend brought back from Tokyo. =)

Kit Kat + Green Tea =)

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