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It seems like ages since I last blogged. Why? The main reason is that my "ka cheng" itchy, want to get my own host and etc. So, I hosted my blog on a free host. They have good uptime, but when i shifted to their asia service, they always have billing and access issues. It is hosted in Qala datacentre, but their server owner loves to mess up the billing, therefore leading to a downtime. Now, I have switched to paid hosting, and then my host is updating its servers and service, so... another downtime.

Luckily, I cross-posted most of my entries on my and blogs, and that is why I can continue blogging despite the downtime. I will be switching my domain to this blog (temporary) while I sort out with my new host.

I am working now. Just a part timer. I want to be able to be financial independent. I won't want to waste my brain juice away. So. I will blog more and engage in more enriching stuff. No more free medical services, no more free lunches (although there is no cookhouse in my camp). All have to be worked for. Now I have to balance my own accounts, in order not to have deficits.

This post will be cross-posted over to my new blog and also once my new blog is ready for viewing. Just give me sometime to settle the issues with my new host and also final touches on my blog. Going to get my laptop back on Monday if HP tested everything to work fine. I just hope my laptop can run fast enough and won't give me silly problems again.

Here is me, signing off, with a new song that I like from SNSD:

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