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Yey! Finally, this site is ready to go!
After months of missing out in the blogsphere, I am back!


As you can see, many parts of the site is still very very very incomplete. Why? I just moved here mah! This time round, I decided that I should get paid hosting. SixServe is my host.

My previous host is having billing problems with the server owners, so, my page is taken offline due to it (see pic below). I thought I can probably access the back-end and copy all my pictures, but, I can't. Therefore, I get that ugly broken image signs all around my blog. Sianzzz.

(As you might have noticed, I was reading Shawn Lee's blog @

Thanks to and, I am able to find some of the cross-posted and old floating copies of my previous posts. Some of them carry important value to me, even when they are written in very amateurish style.

As for why I had chosen "Kenirific" as the name for the new blog, here is the explaination:
The name "Ken" comes a Street Fighter character!
And the "-rific" part comes from the word "terrific"!
There you have it! Kenirific.

However, I am still not satisfied with the name. Haha. I am thinking of a nice Japanese-sounding name, something that is not so common. Two decades of using a extremely common name, time for a change.

As for the some the posts that I did in Chinese, they will be re-encoded one by one and proofread due to encoding problems. That will take me some time as I try to figure out which encoding they are in. That is the problem when your database is loaded incorrectly.

Please leave me a comment about my new site. I need more comments!

Blogging in a cold room! The air-con louver is directing cold air to me. Blurrrr.

I just posted up a screenshot of Opera Mini on my previous post, did you guys (and ladies) see it?

If not, I shall post it again!

[caption id="attachment_385" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Kenirific on Opera Mini"]Kenirific on Opera Mini[/caption]

It is wonderful. Just a bit lacking in the zooming function. If not, this is the perfect replacement for Safari on Apple's iPod/iPhone.

Anyway, it's getting late for me (yah, I sleep early!) I am forcing myself to sleep later as to test how late I can go. But, today has been a long day. Shall be off to bed. Nights blogosphere and twitter-sphere (oh, oh, and Facebook)!

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