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I guess everyone is afraid of exams like I do!

However, there is something else to fear about the exam itself.


My exam hall is at SINGAPORE EXPO!

For those staying in Pasir Ris, Bedok, Tampines, must be now laughing, "so near!".

But wait, I am staying in the North West! Bloody hell!

I must say, all my exam venues that I gotten so far in my life (except for Kindergarden) is like so damn far.

For example,
Primary school at Balestial BUT I stay at Bugis. Okay lar, not very very far.

Secondary school at Katong (not Katong Convent hor!) BUT I shifted house after a year of admission.

Post Secondary education is at up North (not so far) BUT there is no freaking bus to connect me to school at that hour. The timing first bus will leave me running for the school gates. So much for a feeder bus that supposed to serve my school and the neighbouring schools.

Now here at Tertiary level, it is even worse. Okay, I admit is the stupid stretch of high traffic road that causes the problem of me having to leave early to arrive at school at 0830. Where "demand" for the road exceeds the capacity of the road, blah blah blah. That's not it.

Held once a year the exam is centralised with the rest of Singapore! Why do they have to put it at Expo? Cheaper rental arh? But it's journey to the east leh. I rather have it at Suntec Convention Hall, MBS or RWS. :)

The journey is just as bad as dong you ji. Why? Because of the world class transport system we have. So atas until the we see so many freaky, funky, frustrating,  behaviour in the train, but that is a different matter. The transport has became so unpredictable (so many disruptions that are unheard of when I was still in Secondary School)until I don't feel safe without some buffer time. If not, it is prefectly alright to leave at 8, reach at 9:30am.

Nevertheless, all the papers have ended! :)

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