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Hopefully I am NOT the last one to know that there is an application on Android Market for the blogger. Otherwise I am totally shameful to be a blogger. But Hor, I only start using Blogger for like less than 3 months (officially). Wordpress already long have an application that is on Android (PS: they released a newer and better version recently, gosh!)

NEVERMIND! So when I heard that there is a Blogger application, I went straight to Android Market!


But when I saw this:

On clicking, it shows that it is not available in my country!

However, Android users should know that you don’t need market. All you need is GOOGLE !

But, the application is very simple. Only suitable for simple, last minute posting.

(Credits Android Market Blogger application)

Thus, I lost my hype for this app. Sad smile

Okay, this is a short geeky update. Happy 2012!

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