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We live in this tiny island country, unable to produce much food on our own.
Thankful to everyone who worked hard, that is why we are able to enjoy our meals despite being unable to produce most of the food that goes on our table.
This post will be very much a pic spam post. (:
I love food! I will start with fast food. It should be dinner time now right? (:
Here are some pictures to make you drool!
Here you go, my breakfast – Sausage McMuffin with Milo.
One of their new drinks, I can’t remember what is it called. I think it’s too heavy for me.
Mos Burger!. Quite good though.
Chicken McMuffin. The taste is funny. The muffin bread + the McChicken meat. The taste is just extraordinary.
My All Time Favourite: Filet-O-Fish. Don’t you think the burger is getting smaller? Or is it the size of the paper box (compared to the paper wrapper)?
Cris cut fries! Now they having this at McDonald’s ! Not bad.
Chocolate Egg Tart! Sinful indulgence!
Meat less than burger? Actually not, most of the meat slipped out of the burger (hidden in the wrapper).
Enough of food pictures? I will post most next time. To next time.

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