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Starting this week for a total of three weeks, I am going to trial something on my blog.

Decided to take some kimchi and write about Kimchi Pop, or rather Korean Popular music.

I am quite new to the scene, and probably my well versed KPop friends will laugh at my posts, but I decided to give it a try.

Why the trial? I don't know. Just a thought that I should at least bring some less geeky topics to my blog. (: I also want to try to improve my writing skills and bring good music to more people who don't like KPop.

Why KPop and not others? I seldom listen to Japanese or Mandarin songs these days unlike during my Secondary School days. And now I am slightly more into KPop than the rest. So, that's why.

Okay, starting with this song: Severely by F.T. Island.

(Teaser first! Cr: FT Island's Youtube)

Alright, I know this song is released like a few months ago, and that I have started listening to it once it was released. It still stays on my playlist since then, AND contrary to popular believe, it is NOT because of Hong Ki. Not many songs stay on my playlist for that long. Most of them are just infatuations than love.

I guess it will continue to stay on my playlist for a while more.

For this song's MV,it sticks to the title of being "Severely" (in love).

Who are they

F.T Island, short for Five Treasure Island. Debut in 2007, the five members of the band are Choi Jong Hun, Lee Hongki, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, Song Seung Hyun.

If you want to find more about them, you can visit their official website.

Plot of this MV

The lead (also the lead Singer of the band, Lee Hong Ki) portrays a guy who just lost his girl probably due to an accident. He managed to travel back in time (not intentionally) and given a chance to go back in time. Will he manage to prevent it? Find out for yourself.

(Cr: FT Island's Youtube Channel)

Lyrics of the song

Severely in love, the lyrics portray a young man who is deeply in love with his girl. (I read the translated version cos I don't understand Korean fully as yet.) It says how important is this girl more than his life.

Why I will introduce this music

Firstly, they are one of my favourite KPop bands. Secondly, I will classify this under two genres of music; rock and ballad. This have both mixed together to form something that is not too much of both.

I have a feel for ballad as these pieces are the one that can make me more relaxed and comfortable. (:

Thirdly, the lyrics are beautiful! Well written. (:

That's all I have for KPop Tuesdays this week. Stay tunned.

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