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What is the purpose of mailboxes today? To receive depressing monthly statements from banks, utilities, telcos chasing for payment?

In this world today, we rely so much on electronic mails. So much so that snail mail has seen a decline. When is the last time you send out a postcard or even a letter, addressed to your friends or relatives?

On Tuesday, Singpost launched a new innovative service, Post-a-Card mobile application! The Post-a-Card application allows you to create your very own postcard and mail it to your friends, all by using an app!

Post-a-card Logo

How does it work? First, you download the app via iTunes App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) from the links below or hit up the relevant app and search for “Post-a-Card”.

Secondly, from the app itself, choose one of the templates and customize it. You can add a picture, a personal message to complete the touch. Thirdly, just hit buy now and complete the payment process either using the pre-purchased credits or via Credit Card/ Paypal.

How much is it? $1.90 for local and $2.50 for overseas!

See the short demo by Singpost!

So how does it become a hardcopy postcard? Singpost will print it in a 4 x 6 inch high quality glossy postcard and delivered by SIngpost to the addressee in Singapore or abroad! You just need to hit buy once you are done designing!

For limited time, Singpost is giving out the first Post-a-Card free to encourage the public to reconnect with personal mail.

Not only that, there is a launch party at The Butter Factory on 11 August 2012, 9 to 11pm! To join in the celebration, simply download the app from the links above and RSVP at to enjoy free entry! Stand to win Lomo cameras, shooters, The Butter Factory VIP memberships and more!

So download the app and send your personalised Post-a-Card today!

(Video and pictures cr Singpost)

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