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Do you have a pet dog? No I don’t.
When I was younger, like say before I was ten, I have asthma and allergy problems so I can’t keep anything fluffy, what more a dog!

So the only thing I can keep are fishes (apart from having them as my meals! Teehee :3 )

Had those big big big tanks in my little HDB living room (probably as big as my bathtub when I was 2?)! In one of them was this huge Arowana kept by my dad ! I love to take photos with it (next time show you my photo album)!
When I grew up, I kept goldfishes. Mum wanted to give them away when I was older but then I begged her that I will study well to keep them.

But they ended up either committing suicide or die overnight. I always end up in the morning crying for them.
I would wish I could resurrect them! Like Frankenweenie! I ever read this article where a lady kept a fish which she thought was dead to be drown away in a butter box or something and the next day, it was alive!

Probably I should pull that trick on my goldfishes that had died to resurrect them!

See how he resurrect his favourite pet dog!(PS: It is in black & white!)

Will it be a happy ever after?

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