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Remember I asked if 1 in 4 Singaporean youths play League of Legends?
And that I toured the Garena Stadium last Friday? (ps: that is not me in the photo btw!)
So what is League of Legends?
It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game! So why people are attracted to it?
Is it because some of the awesomely cute characters (Champions)?
(oops, this is not cute! : P)
Each of us playing the League of Legends is known as a Summoner!
We get to find out ourselves by trying it out! There are a total of 70 computers there!
(settling into our gaming stations!)
The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy’s nexus. But beware, the turrets are there before you can get to the enemy’s nexus!
Game starting soon!
Game started!
There was a good player in the opposing team, and I kept getting killed!
In the end:
So the infographic below sums it all up about playing League of Legends:

(Click to view the full size!)
Tempted to play? Go to lol.garena,com to find out more!

(This is a sponsored post. Infographic credits Garena Singapore)

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