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It was a night full of powerful performance by the 6 boys from Korea. Oops, no, they are from a planet called Planet Mato.

PS: I already got their latest songs (Coffee Shop, Hurricane, Badman) on replay mode before I went to the concert!

I won't classify myself as a fan of B.A.P as the babyz (B.A.P's fans) are really much more awesome. (:

Anyway, a special thank you CK Chai and F&N for the ticket! Could not have catch them live that close otherwise!

The concert opens with one of my favourite songs from their debut album , Warrior. Love the powerful dance! The boys also performed many of their hits such as Power, No Mercy in the 2-hour concert.

What I didn't expect was halfway was a small little surprise! There was a little segment for the fans to participate in. The "computer" automatically picks out a fan and ask them to dance along with the music. After the third participant, the computer suddenly had a BSOD and everything blacked out. Oh, all these was planned! The screen carried a message from the commander of Planet Mato!

At the end of the concert, the boys came out to thank everyone!

Other bloggers are here also! Thanks Zerika for the group photo!

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