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Let's face it! Soccer fans or not, we all want to embody the effortless charisma and confidence of soccer players. Am I right? From Cristiano Ronaldo's million-dollar smile to Olivier Giroud's polished fashion style - it's not simply their model-like physique that makes women all around the world go weak in their knees.

In order to attain their level of visual perfection, here are a few must do's for those of you seeking the dreamy soccer star image.

Dress to Impress
If you're thinking jerseys and flip flops, think again. Soccer stars often stand as ambassadors for sporting brands, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're decked out in polyester 24/7. Take a cue from David Beckham and reach out for that clean cut button down and tapered trousers the next time you're heading out.
Choose Accessories Wisely
The right accessories can either make, or break your look. Many soccer players have their watch of choice that succinctly represents their style and personality. While not all of us are able to afford an Audemars Piguet or Franck Muller, there are a plethora of alternatives that are just as sleek yet easy on the wallet.

Put Your Best Face Forward
Trust me, there's nothing more a woman appreciates than a well-groomed man who takes a little effort in his daily morning routine. If you're one for the sexy, not-so-clean shave, look towards the likes of Gerard pique and Sergio Ramos who have made it to the list of hottest bearded soccer players.
Eat Well
Life shouldn't be about counting calories and restricting your diet. Instead, put health as your priority and focus on eating well and exercising regularly instead. The best soccer players keep a good balance, so strive towards that as motivation. Health supplements are good additions- cod fish oil and BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken are some of the more popular ones here in Singapore.
Now that I've shared my insights, what are some of your thoughts on how to achieve the ideal footballer image?

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