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A few days before the showcase, CK jie texted me and asked me along to Kenny Khoo (邱鋒澤) 's first ever music showcase here in Singapore.  Kenny is a local rookie singer who has just released his debut album in Taiwan back in April and topped the charts there. 
I saw his poster at the bus stop I commute to and from every day. So I sort of followed his Twitter account, not yet known that he acted in That Girl in Pinafore before his singer debut until I was reminded by Tselyn! 
The showcase is held at Beep Studios, located in the neighbourhood of Bukit Merah on the Friday before National Day (i.e. National Day eve!).  I also met up with Tselyn, her colleague Sam and Yyan (and of course CK jie) before the showcase and caught up a bit!

He began to rock the stage with 经典对白 from his latest album Ten Storeys. Although I can sense his nervousness, he managed to inject laughter and made his performance wonderful! 
He sang a number of songs from his album including 伤者、单人套房 、灵魂、关于我们. Since it is eve of National Day, he also did a cover of Home by Kit Chan! He also brought the atmosphere to the climax with 自由 by Chang Chen-yue!
From his album, I love the song 伤者 and 经典对白 ! Really great to be able to hear Kenny live! He had a fan-signing session right after the showcase. We managed to get a selfie (or a we-fie rather) with Kenny taken by none other than Kenny himself using CK's phone! Managed to squeeze myself in the frame!
(Photo credit CK!)

Again, big thanks to CK jie for the invitation!


CK Chai said...

haha, you are welcomed, glad that you enjoyed the music showcase!

Jeremy said...

Thank you for your invitation and kind words again! (:

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