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KBS is at it again. The School series is back in 2017. Running for its 7th season, this season revolves around the adolescents who are valued based on their academic ranking. 

Having watched the past two School series drama, namely School 2013 and School 2015, I am anticipating this season as the previous two were great. School 2013 portrays the friendships. Who Are You: School 2015 is a title filled with mystery, suspense, romance. 

The first two episodes kicked off with an introduction to the season. The series of defiance acts. Seems that someone or a group grew tired of the ranking system in place, and the endless mock exams. Who is the mastermind? 

The first two episodes paved the direction for the story to be developed later. Eun Ho became a scapegoat of the mischief that happened in school. The mastermind stepped out and helped her. Could it be the kind student president Dae Hwi or rude son of the school director Tae Woon? The drama hinted about a secret of Dae Hwi which Tae Woon knew. Something secret that is not revealed to the audience . I would say it seems to be a pretty interesting drama to watch out for. We shall see in the upcoming episodes! 

Check out the video from KBS World Facebook page!

Photo and Video from KBS World Facebook Page

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