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Since it's a clear and sunny day today, me and my younger brother decided to go to Sentosa.

A few ways to get there; car, bus, taxi, monorail, cable car, or the newest way:

Sentosa Boardwalk - 545m by FOOT =)

So we took this option and you can see

~Part of the Boardwalk~

At the end of the boardwalk, you can choose to enter Sentosa Island by paying $1 entry fee.

Many methods to pay for it.

We choose ez-link cos we have it.

Once you enter, you will find yourself at RWS.

Went to the Sentosa Flowers and spotted this rabbit.

So many people queuing up to take with the rabbit. Not that pretty though.

There's lots and lots of flowers! =)

Spotted God of Fortune! Giving out chocolate coins!

Thirst quencher. Sat down and finished this at RWS.

More cai shen!

Left there at around 3 plus to do shopping at Vivocity.

Saw the cranes dancing!

Dancing Cranes

Hardworking repairmen working to fix the travellator.

That ends it!

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