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Thanks to Nuffnang, I got two tickets to watch this movie with my friend!

2011-02-09 18.48.17

No Strings Attached

2011-02-09 19.00.18

The tickets folder!

The movie is at The Grand Cathay, The Cathay.

I think I did blog about this beautiful building before.

Walk around and got Popcorn before going into the theatre.

It’s free seating so we choose somewhere near the back and near the aisle.

2011-02-09 19.05.102011-02-09 19.07.192011-02-09 19.07.492011-02-09 19.08.07

Pictures of The Grand Cathay (My phone camera can’t capture the “Grandness”).

Then, the movie start at around 7:15pm after the usual upcoming movies’ trailers.

The female lead is freaking HOT! Drools. =P

Laugher follows throughout the show. Romantic but funny! =)

Watch to find out!

To find out more go to !

Oh, this movie is M18 which I didn't know prior to the movies!

Luckily I am legal.

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