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Setting up their very first outlet in Bukit Timah (Chun Tin Road) in October 2009, we now have Domino’s Pizza on our island!
2011-09-22 19.01.28
They invited us to a round of sharing session, to showcase how their order system works and get us to try out some of their hot favourites!
It is so easy to order online. All you need to do is to get an account with them and your preferences are saved. You will even have birthday benefits! (:
If you would like to get take-aways, you can also track their 15 minutes guarantee by using this little monitor.
2011-09-22 19.02.59
On top of that, you can track where is your order using their GPS Tracker!
Here you can see each stage of the pizza process, enabling the 30 minutes delivery guarantee! Unlike other companies, did I mentioned that there is NO DELIVERY CHARGE?!
After the short intro to their system, they let us try their pizzas!
Menu of the day:
2011-09-22 19.57.51
Onlon Rings with Cheese! Yummy!
 2011-09-22 19.57.57
Golden Roasted Drumlets
2011-09-22 19.59.15
Crazy Chicken Munchies!

Main Course:

2011-09-22 20.00.32
2011-09-22 19.54.45
2011-09-22 19.55.08
There is this special pizza called the “Classified Chicken”. It is made using their special sauce which gives it a creamy taste. No wonder it is classfied!
2011-09-22 20.28.20
Chocolate Lava Cake! Suppppppper delicious!!!!! I love it when the chocolate fudge in the middle of the cake!
(credits William Tan)
Group photo time! :)

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