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Thanks to, I got invited to the movie premiere!

Three grown up daughters and their mother, finding their love across the boundaries of countries, class, illness, age and even PLANET!

Following the success of Hot Summer Days (全城热恋), Love In Space is a story of the ladies seeking their other half. They met their other half through interesting scenarios that you will never think of!

Will they stand the test of age, class, distance and most importantly, the differences?

Introducing the couples!!!

The elder sister (刘若英) and her astronaut boyfriend (Aaron Kwok).
PS: I didn’t know love can grow in a space shuttle! =Peldersis
The second sister (桂纶镁) and the Garbage Collector (Eason Chan)!second sis
The youngest sister (Angelababy) and the coffee-boy poet (井柏然)!youngest sis
The mum and the driver uncle????????

For me, I like the second and third couples!

The trailer below gives you a hint what to expect in the movie!


So, go catch it! Opens in cinemas tomorrow!


My rating: 9/10! =)

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