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Do you know what is Sentosa before it was developed into a top notch Island Resort?
Have you seen the real Sentosa upon nightfall?
Be treated to decades-old tales, remnants of history and superstitions of the island previously known as Pulau Blakang Mati.
This is the only after-dark tour that allows you to have a feel of the island’s even darker side while riding on the Segway® PT. This journey will take you on a spine tingling trip through the less known paths on the island that is commonly known as Sentosa.
Hear about Sentosa’s haunting and history, this tour will roll through the western part of Sentosa, where the most chilling paths are located. The guides will take you on an adventure through the night and supported by our safety guides, you are safe in our hands.
From Go Green After Dark.

On the 18 of November, 2 group of bloggers is slated to attempt this journey… The quest to seek the untold tales of Sentosa….
Located at the Siloso Beach (just next to the Beach Station), the Go Green After Dark starts late at night. Good kind of timing for it right?
2 of the bloggers, Christina and Vanessa dared to put on the make up while waiting for the start of the tour.
Vanessa’s before and after!Segway-18112011
She was riding behind me at some parts of the trail, and she kinda freak me out when I turned back! (: Guess the make-up is successful!
Before venturing into the quest, the bloggers are trained to ride on the Segway PT® . The orientation allows the user to be more familiar with the Segway PT®.
Safety video
Go Green Circuit (Looks like the Driving Course Circuit!)
We have to wear the helmet and the guards to protect us in case we fall.

Once protected, we are ready to start!
Using the Segway® PT is pretty simple. All you need to do to move forward or backwards is lean forward or backwards.To move left or right, simply moves LeanSteer frame left or right. _DSC0159
The trainers are quite friendly, reassuring you that it is easy to learn and to use. (:_DSC0172
See Joanna smiling so happy on the Segway!
To make a 360ยบ turn, just move the LeanSteer frame left or right. There is zero turning radius required!
A group photo before we start!
We went down to the Siloso beach carpark (which is now a empty ground) just downstairs to venture into the journey of the western part of Sentosa.

Down the locked dungeon, it lies pieces of history. Our tour guide put on special makeup, making him look extra creepy under the moonlight.

The guide warn us, that if we are to hear anyone calling your name on the way, don’t look back.
The tour takes us on steep, quiet paths in Sentosa. They are the frequently unexplored parts that we miss out during our visits to Sentosa.
The fort, the underground paths, the old monorail track…
I shall leave the rest to be explored. Mission completed when we have move back to our starting point!
All participants presented with a certificate in a specially designed folder!
2011-11-23 23.16.53
Well, that marks the end of the wonderful and knowledgeable journey. Best if you go during Halloween! (:

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