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Hi readers! I am back from my hectic schedule and to bring a review of the Acer Aspire S7-391.
Remember I wrote about Acer’s new Windows 8 powered devices? This is one of them!


Got a chance to play with this stunningly beautiful laptop with a glossy glass finish on the outside. The glass, is the industry’s well-known Gorilla Glass 2. I shall not harp on how good is the glass being scratch resistant and stuff but bring you some points to consider to get the ultrabook.


Once I opened this ultrabook, one thing I noticed is that it boots up by itself. No need to find the power button in this case, but it doesn’t render the power button useless. The power button to me becomes a secondary button to press if I need to turn it off while keeping the ultrabook open (“open the lid”).


Here you see the power button along with a HDMI micro port, power port, and a headphone with mic jack. You don’t need to worry if you will accidentally activate the unit while putting it in your bag. You need to open (the lid of) the Aspire S7 to turn it on.  Notice how thin it is? Perhaps to make it thin, the VGA port is taken out, but fret not, you can use the HDMI to VGA connector to use on legacy devices such as monitors and more often, projectors!


I find this particularly useful. The backlit keyboard is activated when the room is dark. Now I can do my assignments in the dark without having to disturb my family members!


Two USB 3.0 ports are on the right, (or left if you are looking at the lit Acer logo on the glass front). It is just adequate for me, one for memory devices, the other to plug into my wired house network (using a supplied USB to Ethernet adapter). A memory card slot is perfect for bloggers like me. One a few steps, those delicious food (or gadget photos !)can be shared on our blog. It complements blogging on the go. Pardon me for the unclear photos here. Maybe someone can sponsor a better camera! (out of topic!)

Brought this out to school for three days to get some feedback. One thing that might be nice to incorporate is a caps lock indicator of some sort (eg. LED). Some keys are repositioned with the whole roll of function keys (F1 – 10) becoming the secondary functions of the keys 1- 10. 

That being said, I still like the keyboard as I don’t seldom use the keyboard. Tell me how many times you hit F5 for refresh, or Alt-F4 to close a window. I am a mouse user, which, the 10-point multi-touch screen makes it an easier job for me.

One thing I can’t figure out is how they packed two SSD into this little package on a RAID 0 arrangement. Plus the Dolby® Home Theater® v4 speakers on the underside of the Aspire S7 gives a really good sound. If the speakers can be placed upwards, it will make the experience better!

Well, the above are my thoughts about the Acer Aspire S7. Stunningly beautiful build! I will continue to share my thoughts on the S7 through my twitter and instagram @jalormee!

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