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Last night, Alien Huang (黄鸿升) held his G•host Concert right here in Singapore! It was held at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa !

Was very lucky to be able to catch it together with HP, William and CK!


During the concert, he performed the hits from his albums such as 鬼混 , 涩谷 , 鬼打墙 , 六十亿分之一 ! I was quite touched by his hard work! His story was retold in the concert, how he managed to become a host, and now a singer! He also sang songs from Jay Chou 周杰伦, 张震岳 and his buddy Show 罗志祥!


One of my friend said that he improved quite a lot from the last time she saw him! (:


He also didn’t forget to interact with his fans!

Apart from the songs from his album, he also brought songs that are used in local productions such as 牵挂 from the Channel 8 Drama 花样人间 (Joys of Life) and 谢谢你让我等于你 from the movie 一泡而红 (Already Famous).

Not forgetting to do a special for the audience, Alien Huang did his own rendition of 早安老师 (Good Morning, Sir) theme song!


After the last song, the fans are still reluctant to leave! So Alien Huang did an encore!

He came out from back stage and sang three more songs, including 不屑 !


The concert successfully ended with the fans hoisting up a small banner which reads “你做到了!" (You have done it!) !

(Concert photos credit Hpility)

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