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With the launch of LG Optimus G in Singapore on the 31st Jan 2013, LG launched its G Café, the retail and lifestyle concept store to showcase the features of its new flagship phone.
The G Café at Wisma Atria Atrium allows consumers to see and experience the unique features of Optimus G. There are three experience zones for consumers to learn more about the design, performance and interface features of the Optimus G.

There is an actual café by The Plain within the G Café for shoppers to chill out with freshly brewed coffee!
While enjoying the coffee, the product manager gives us a walkthrough of the features that make the Optimus G a powerful smartphone that you can lay your hands on!
The feature demoed here is the Dual Screen Dual Play feature. You can see that the power of the processor enables the dual screen capability, which allows you to display one thing on the screen (TV, projector etc) and look at your notes on the phone screen.
The folks at LG is so thoughtful! They brought us Korean cuisine including Korean Rice Cake and Rice Wine!
Here is Sheena with the two Korean ladies who brought us lots of servings of the yummy food!
The bloggers are given a week to experience the phone, Here is my take!
What attracts me the most is the 4.7 inch True HD IPS Display.
Not only that, LG made it very friendly with the pinch and zoom. Across many of their apps such as messaging and video player, you can do the pinching action and it can be enlarged.
Zoom out!
Underneath the display is a powerful Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core processor which makes HD video playing very smooth. The interface is also fast and smooth without lag observed.
Multi-tasking with the LG Optimus G! See how well the powerful processor is put in place.
Another cool feature is the QuickMemo which allows you to jot down those short memo quicky.
The G Café is opened till 8th March 2013, 12pm to 9 pm dailly for you experience the LG Optimus G!
Here are the specifications of LG Optimus G -

(Product information credit LG Singapore) (Cross posted to hpility sg)

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