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Before I take a short leave from the blogging scene to concentrate on my studies, here I am to write a short little post about myself.

Some of you might be wondering what I do, if you still trying to figure out, I am right now pursuing my degree. Right now, I am in my final year.

I was at the crossroad of just completing my A Levels and was deciding which undergraduate course should I do. I considered many options, local universities and other institutions. Every institution have their unique undergraduate programs, double major programs, etc. With so many different undergraduate courses that you can from, don't you think we the Gen Y and Gen Z are spoilt for choices?

Those were the days where you have to go down to their open house to find out more about their undergraduate courses, but now it is so convenient by looking at their respective webpages.

Luckily as a Singapore male, we have to do our National Service before embarking on our undergraduate studies. Therefore we have more time to source for more opinions from the seniors in the courses we intend to register for.

So after National Service, I went into a course of my choice and right now, the last lap of my journey. Now what I do hope that I can do well to repay what my parents have invested for my studies. Thus, I have to take a short break from blogging, and start writing my essays, complete my notes, do all my revision now.

Don't miss me too much. I may still tweet a bit over at @jalormee or on instagram.


CK Chai said...

all the best to ya!

Jeremy said...


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