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Went on Thursday to this brand new Dim Sum restaurant located at Plaza Singapura. It is the first Singapore outlet of the one Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan!


Went there for a little farewell dinner with my current colleagues. Needa focus more time on my studies and project so I have to say goodbye for taking care of me for over so many years.

Like what my supervisor said, she saw me “grew up” literally. I spent like almost three years with my current colleagues. Really sad to leave them. Well, let me deal with my studies first. 


Anyway, back to the restaurant. It just commence operations and it is the second day when we went there. The queue is long. Well, I am not a guy who like to queue up, the long queue will definitely make me choose another place for dinner, given that I am quite hungry! Little that I know it is their second day in Singapore. Well, that explains the queue.

Then again, my colleagues who went to the HK original outlet and gave thumbs up to it. It took us close to two hours for our turn. Thank you to Mr Fu who queued up for us! Smile The picture above was taken about 50 minutes into queue. Cheers!


A tip for those who are going down, do avoid the peak hours especially meal timing. We went at dinner hours, so the queue is naturally very long. Three of the items are sold out. A little disappointed over that so perhaps you should wait for the second outlet or go earlier!

Alright, food pictures! These are what we ordered. The ingredients are quite fresh. Have not tried at the HK outlet so I shall not do a comparison. I am not a foodie anyway! (:

Steamed Dumplings!


More pictures!








One thing that must be tried is the Baked Buns with BBQ Pork (Char Siew). Crispy on the outside! It tastes a bit like Polo Bun (which is another delicious Hong Kong pastry).


Well, that is all I have tried! Hopefully next time I go, they have all the items still available!

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