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Are you a movie lover? Love to catch those blockbusters?

Times have gone when we used to check out the magazines for reviews, look at newspapers on show times at the cinemas. These days, with a smartphone, you can do all these and more using some of the apps available on the marketplace or apps store!

Microsoft's What's 'Appening shared some of the apps available on the Windows Marketplace and Windows Phone Store. These information are excerpts from the What's 'Appening: The Blockbuster Issue.


IMDB (Windows Phone) has the world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information, including movie synopses, celebrity biographies, photo galleries, user reviews, and more. 

If you’ve ever visited IMDb on the web, you’ll be in for a big surprise when you first launch IMDb on Windows Phone. The gorgeous app interface is a huge improvement from the website, and much more user-friendly. 

Film Closet

This award-winning movie app for Windows and Windows Phone also features a movie database of more than 120,000 movies, but with a few more unique features. 

For one, the app has lock screen integration so your Windows Phone’s lock screen wallpaper can automatically update itself to your favorite movies. 

Jump to any page with voice commands, and if you’re feeling too tired or lazy to read, the app is capable of reading to you the overview of the movie and the biography of the casts.

Movie Showtime

Unsure of which blockbuster to catch? Sift through ratings and watch trailers with the Movie ShowTime (Windows and Windows Phone) app to help you make that decision. The app also displays the showtimes of movies at your local theatres for the week and the prices of the tickets so that you can plan your movie date in advance!

Similar to Movie ShowTime, SGmovie (Windows Phone) is an easy-to-use app that provides aggregated information on screen timings but brings it up a notch! 

With this app, you can go cashless and book movie tickets online at major Singapore cinemas including Cathay, Golden Village and Shaw without having to sweat over it.

Some of these apps are available on both Windows (PC) and Windows Phone. So be sure to check out these apps for movie lovers!

(App information and review from Microsoft Singapore and IN.FOM)

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