21 Jul 2015

Data Saving Streaming Music with Guvera Singapore

Guvera, the Australian music streaming service brings its data saving function to all 20 markets it operates in globally, including Singapore!

When listening to a track using Guvera, the advanced audio buffering technology will reduce the data impact of playing the song again. This enables music lovers to stream music without being restricted by excessive data consumption when playing the song again. 

The green arrows next to the songs you have played before means that the song will not incur data charges in the future when streamed again. It helps to reduce data charges.

Globally, Guvera has more than 11 million users and is available in over 20 markets. Guvera offers unlimited music streaming via its app on Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices, as well as on the web at www.guvera.com.

from Guvera Singapore