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It was a warm afternoon in Singapore when the seven members of Infinite landed here in Singapore and they just completed their only public press conference just over an hour ago!
Held at the basement of City Square mall, the place is easily accessible by fans, and the turnout was full-house! The basement, the first level was packed with eager fans hoping to catch a good view of their idols! Looking at the Twitter feed, some are there as early as in the morning! 
This is also my first time I turning up for a press conference without an invitation. That also explains why I am not able to get good pictures. Haha! Went there around 6:30pm and the event area was already very crowded.

They were here two years ago at their first tour - Infinite One Great Step. Being the third time in Singapore, I believe the members of Infinite should be familiar how passionate the Inspirits are!

Once they appear at the press conference, fans started screaming their names! Infinite members are wearing an all black outfit, in contrast to their all white outfit when they last visited our island city. At the press conference, the Infinite members took turns to answer questions posed by the media and everyone was screaming the names of their bias!

At the end of the conference, they posed for a group photo and left for the next location! Here's a picture of Infinite's leader, Sunggyu waving to Inspirits
Inspirits, ready for their concert tomorrow at Suntec Singapore?

PS: Sorry Dongwoo's fans. He was blocked by the camera and selfie sticks from my angle so there is no close up picture. :( Paiseh!

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