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The FIVE Square at 1 Pickering Street (Great Eastern Building) is one of the FIV五 Bar outlets, marrying the merits of a "food court" style restaurant, and a bar by the side of the restaurant. 

While enjoying a drink after work, you can choose your food from the various outlets in the restaurant. From Asian style, to Western delights, or even fusion cuisine, I am spoiled by the choices!

The FIVE Square uses self service kiosk or iPads at the bar to make your order. You can choose the items. Seems like more F&B outlets are embracing technologies. These innovations in F&B makes it efficient to get your order ready, while still being easy to use. You can order on your iPad and the next few moments, the kitchen starts to prepare your order! This lets the staff focus on preparing delicious food.

At the FIVE Square, simply choose your food and go to the self-service kiosk in front of the stall, select the food items from the menu.

Next, key in your mobile number so they can alert you once your item is ready, make payment and sit down with your friends to chit chat while waiting for the food! This makes it easy and quick especially with large group of buddies. No need to wait for your friends to order, you can complete your order if you know what to eat!

Upon receipt of your SMS, just head over to the counter to collect your food!

We tried a variety of dishes from the individual outlets. Here are some that we tried!

Clockwise from top-left: 

Kimchi fried rice with spicy chicken $8.50 (Gogibox)
Seafood paella $9.50/$12 (Cin.qo Tapas)
Beef tacos $6.80 (Gogibox)
Teriyaki pizza $15 (Cin.qo Tapas)
Beef noodle $8.90 (Grub Noodle)
Pork noodle $9.90 (Grub Noodle)
Sample platter $24.80 (Omnivore)
Kaisendon $16 (Teppei Syokudo)

From the food I tried, I love the Teriyaki Pizza and the Sample platter! The teriyaki pizza was a fusion between Asian and Western food! For the Sample platter, the meat is juicy and the dipping sauce is awesome! 

The whole evening was very enjoyable with the company of friends, food and music coming from the bar! 

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