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If you read my last post on Gangwon, you will have notice that Gangwon is a beautiful area in Korea where you can enjoy the wonders of nature! Summer (여름) has ended and now it is the beautiful and cooler Autumn (가을) (or also known as fall) in South Korea.

Besides a popular destination for the snow activities in Winter, Gangwon is also pretty during Autumn.  So let's check out some of the beautiful places in Gangwon!

Nami Island

Namiseom or Nami Island is a popular destination for many tourists with its beautiful tree lined roads. Due to its beautiful scenery, many dramas are also shot here. The most well known drama is Winter Sonata! 

Take your time to walk around on the island and take pictures on the picturesque pathways. You can also create your very own craftwork on the island and capture the beautiful memories on the island.
Address: 1, Namisum-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-doWebsite:


Seoraksan is another great destination to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery. Rich colours from the leaves decorate the mountain. Hikers can catch a breath while enjoying the lovely mountain covered in the delighful shades of red, orange, green and much more. 
Address: Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-doWebsite:

Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest

Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest is one of the less well known places in Gangwon. Known as one of the best place in Korea to see the falling leaves in Autumn, the Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest is only opened for a short period in October. Lined with around 2,000 ginkgo trees, the forest is free for entry.

Address: 686-4 Gwangwon-ri, Nae-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

If you are visiting Korea in autumn, do remember to check out the above destinations! While compiling the information for this article, I am falling in love with the beautiful Autumn in Gangwon! Hence the article name "Fall in love with Gangwon", where fall is also another word for Autumn. #Wordplay

*This series of articles also serves a note for me to visit these beautiful places when I plan for my trip to Korea! I hope it helps you plan for your next trip to Korea!

Photos taken from Korea Tourism Organization

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