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Lee Jong Suk is back on the small screen on Korean dramas with Bae Suzy on While You Were Sleeping! 

The last time he appeared on a Korean drama was his camero on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. And that was in 2016 already. The story of While You Were Sleeping (WYWS) revolves around a girl Hong Joo, whose dreams will happen in real life. 

Throughout episode one, her dreams is bad enough for her to wake up in fear, or sometimes crying. Hong Joo's dreams or "prophecy" vivid enough that even when she woke up, she can write down the details of her dream. 

First, she dreamed of a stranger, bleeding from his head. Okay, that is a bit far fetched. How would one dreamed of a stranger whom you have not met before? Coincidentally, that stranger in her dream, Jae Chan, became her neighbour. We continue to see the powers of her dreams. "Prophecy" is prophecy no more as it bound to happen.

The accident happened according to her dream and she ended up in the hospital.

Oh gosh, we see Jae Chan popping up again to question her on the accident. Hong Joo was devastated that she indirectly caused her mum's death. Being labelled as the culprit of the accident and all evidence points to her, Hong Joo tried to take her life. The next scene,  Jae Chan woke up from his dream. So that was not real? Jae Chan have the ability to see the future too?

As with many dramas, the writer left many unanswered questions. This "ability to tell the future" plot is not new, but they managed to find one that is not used or less frequently used. While I was searching on the Internet to ensure article acuracy, there is another Kdrama of the same title in English. No wonder I find the title of this drama so familar.

Anyway, I love Suzy's acting in the drama. So I hope the story gets better as the episodes go.

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