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EXO released their new MV - Wolf from their 1st album XOXO (Kiss & Hug) just yesterday and the Korean version has hit over 1 million views. EXO fans have been waiting for over a year just for this album, and I believe EXO fans have watched their MV as many times as they could over the past one day!

(Screenshot from EXO Wolf MV (Korean Version) from SMTOWN Official Youtube Channel)

Personally, I like how the dance is choreographed such that they started out with a silhouette of a tree.If you don't know the significance of the tree, perhaps you should just watch the MV of their first mini album - MAMA. I do suspect that the first 13 seconds, the music is also related to the mythology of EXO. The dance looks good with all twelve boys dancing together. Not sure why the puny, high pitch "Saranghae yo!" voice is inserted. One thing that I thought of after reading the lyrics is that maybe it is put in to contrast with the wolf howling (beasty side) versus the wolf falling in love?

Now for the MV...

Korean Version - 

Chinese Version -

(MVs taken from SMTOWN Official Youtube Channel)

PS:Well, those are my take for the MV, do not take my comments over seriously and it is definitely not the official interpretation of the MV. (:

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