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Hello readers! Octobet had gone like a wind and left us in the forth quarter of the year. Have not been travelling much for the past 9 months plus since my last Thailand trip. 

It also had been eons since my last update on anything about me. So here I am going to share my short trip to Malacca.

I remembered going there for a day tour a few years ago when my family and I were at Kuala Lumpur. Just a short day trip and back to Kuala Lumpur. This time round we plan to stay longer in Malacca.

I did some homework online and found 707 Travel offering one of the cheapest bus tickets to Melaka from Singapore. They have various timings for the bus. At S$47 per pax (subject to changes) for a round trip, it brings you to some of the major hotels in Malacca. Downside, you only have one timing, which is early in the morning at around 7am. Even though we are not directly travelling to Melaka first, it is good to keep in check what options we have just in case change of plans.

It would cost slightly less if you decide to stop at the Melaka Sentral (the bus terminal). 

I researched online and it takes roughly 3.5 hours to get to Melaka's Jonker Street by bus, when there is no human or traffic jam. Probably that is why it is a popular option for Singaporeans.
We stayed at Vinz Boutique Hotel, a little two storey hotel located just 1 minute walk away from the busy Jonker Street. Very friendly staff! We left the luggage at the hotel counter while we went for lunch before the room is available for check-in. 
The famous Chicken Rice Balls! They were the size of a fishball so this plate was not enough for the family. Definitely not! They were kind of soft, despite the resemblance to fishballs.

One of the must visits! The Mamee Jonker House! You can even make your own cup of noodles there and sit down for some local delights in their cafe.

After walking a round passed some of the streets near Jonker, we head back to hotel for check in and shower. Then my relatives came and picked us up to where they stayed - Swiss Garden Hotel. It looks relatively new with a shopping mall right below!

It was close to dinner time so we went to their food court. My dinner! No one wants to go out for dinner as it was really hazy outside.
Time for the famous Jonker Street night market! It was a freaking long, pasar malam selling all sorts of products, local handicrafts, souvenirs and most importantly, food!
The whole street was packed with tourists on a Saturday night. A tip for you, before heading on the street, set a meeting point in case you get lost with your travel mates. A good point is the San Shu Gong outlet located at one end of the Jonker Street. 

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