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Logitech launched two slient mice - the Logitech M221 Silent Mouse and the M331 Silent Plus.

The two new mice are touted to be silent, and how quiet are they?

I have a chance to try out the M221 Silent Mouse and let's find out how it compares to your regular mouse.

I love how Logitech packs its mice. It is simple, elegant, and you can see the product straight away, so there is no doubt what you are getting.

The M221 sports a curvy design that fits the left and right hand comfortably. So whichever hand you use, you should not find it weird. I like the longer M221 compared to my M321 which allows me to rest more of my palm on the mouse as I use it. 

The mouse also able to last around 18 months with it auto switching off if it is not in use. You also get the wireless freedom with the plug and forget nano receiver.

Now, the quietness of the mouse! It has the Quiet Mark seal of approval from the UK Noise Abatement Society.

Compared to the average mouse, the M221 Silent Mouse is so quiet. I can still hear the audible click but it is so quiet compared to the average mouse. The scroll-wheel too, is also more quiet under my normal usage scenarios.

Overall, I love the curvy design of the M221 and it being silent. At the price of S$25.00, it is not very expensive for a quiet mouse. 

If you want to find out more about M221, visit

1 comment:

TechFreak said...

Logitech really did a great job with this one. I wouldn't really recommend it for gaming purposes but for office and home use, this thing is an absolute beauty.

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