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Ambi Labs, an Internet of Things hardware startup has recently launched its flagship product - the Ambi Climate!
Ambi Climate is a little "upgrade" to your air conditioners. Ambi Climate works with existing remote-controlled air conditioners to deliver automatic, personalized comfort while saving energy.

How does it do that? With 6 Intelligent sensors gathering data about your environment and your feedback, Ambi Climate tailors cooling to keep you comfortable. All these are managed  through a smartphone app. This means that you can conveniently manage, monitor and view your air conditioner usage anytime and anywhere!

Ambi Climate makes it easy to enable smart control of your air conditioners, simply set up the Ambi Climate in your room, download the app and link to your remote. 

Check out to find out more! You can also purchase it on Ambi Climate's website and selected online retailers.

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