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Goblin or also know as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, is coming to an end for its run. I think it is time to write a review on this very popular drama that got me chasing from the start.

The drama tells the story of a 900 over years old goblin Kim Shin (aka the title character) acted by Gong Yoo, who aims to find his bride Ji Eun Tak (played by Kim Go Eun) to end his immortal life. He is being punished by the almightly. He met the amnesiac grim reaper (played by Lee Dong Wook) and together, they find out more about their pasts.

The drama kept flashing back to the past, where we know the identity of the goblin - Kim Shin. He was a general who died but was given immortal life in order to experience the pain over the lost of his loved ones. A punishment given to him. We also see the young king Wang Yeo, who ordered his death.

With the slow but steady unveiling of the relations between the characters, the drama kept me tuning in for more. The goblin and grim reaper kept bickering and fighting when they started to live together, and they become frienemies (friends + enemies). What makes me like the story is the interesting mix of traditional and modern expects of Korean culture, coming together to become a cohesive story.

I was lost for the first two episodes. Who is the young lady in red and who the granny who protects Ji Eun Tak. Why does the lady in red make the grim reaper choose the jade ring? From explanations online, I get to understand that she is the goddess of birth and fate in Korea. Ah, so that is why she protected Ji Eun Tak and brings the lady boss and grim reaper together.

Oh, why did the lady in red speak to Yoo Duk Hwa, the nephew (played by Yook Sung Jae) as if they knew each other?

We can see that the writer and production team took great lengths to make a good drama with the different flowers for different occasions. They carefully crafted each scene in the drama, releasing bits of clues for the viewers to decipher.

For that, I would recommend this drama to watch if you have not watched it. Enjoy the drama!

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