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Numb, describes my mood towards school.These days, you can't expect much out of school.Imagine after 10 years plus of schooling, you will be immune to all kinds of events that will happen in school. I wonder how my friends can talk so much about their school life on their blog. If you were to get me to write one typical day in school.My post will be at least 86.9365%* shorter than the average of all my friends' posts add together.

Thus, I wonder what should I do.

Also, my blog isn't as colorful(i mean "colourful") as my friends.They have tons and tons of photos, mine is just words and more words, and even more words.

I am not good at typing, this simple post took me at least half an hour to complete.Thats me.

Adiós, amigo!

*According to weiqiang research institute a.k.a. my "brain".Of course, I made it up, but you get the idea. :)

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