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Today is the third day of school. Now, all the OGLs are back to class, we finally have a full strength! There are 25 in the class, and I am glad that we finally have more girls in class :) .Lol.
Monday is a super longgggggggggggggg day.Lessons ended at five plus today. I am not complaining, but, its the longest day of the week.Haha. Hmm, I should talk more about the college now. This year, the hall is finally air-conditioned. Freezing cold environment for assembly and exams. I hate(and love) air-conditioning,too cold- I can't take it,my nose will start acting up.Too hot- "bloodly hell, are the fans working?" . They installed 20 air conditioners over the last few months of holidays. They must have spent quite a lot on those air conditioners.
I have nothing much to say. Here, I found an interesting PV. The cartoon is very kawaii, and the music is marvellous. :

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