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What 'ya doing?

Feeling tired. Dropped by Nokia Care Center @ Causeway Point to sent my weekend mobile phone for repairs. If you remember, I spoke about getting my weekday mobile phone repaired a few posts ago.  Haha. There is this stupid blue and orange lines everytime I take a picture. So, got irritated and since it's still under warranty, I might as well send it for repairs.

Anyway, Channel U started to air the trailers for Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). I thought it was a comedy and started watching it online. Not bad leh, just that it's not as hilarious that I thought it was Robot & Human? It's a love triangle between two humans and one robot. The theme song Okaeri is quite apt to the drama.

The drama left me some questions to ponder: Is there really such thing as an ideal partner? Will our life partners possess all the qualities that we wished our ideal partners have? Should we venture into our Creator's domain of creating new lifes?

Anyway, I kind of expected a happier ending with the SP, which turns out to be wasting my time lar. Why they don't just leave it as it is at episode 11 (last episode when the drama was broadcasted in 2008) and add a extension to the series (SP was in 2009). I wished for more of a opened ending like Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love/ Witch's requirement).

Diverting your attention, Gokusen the Movie is in cinemas soon (11/07/09 in Japan)!  Hopefully I can get to watch it soon after it is released. =) The trailer makes me tempted to watch the movie.

I am signing off here. Sorry for being such a drama addict!

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