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It's raining, it's pouring.

The old man is snoring.

This seemingly endless rain has been falling ever since Saturday. So cold.

The last weekend before the Chinese New Year - to me, a greetings and money exchange session. =)

Despite these, about 130+ bloggers have a common goal. That is, to meet up for the new year!

Presenting Nuffnang Glitterati Plus!

Our rendezvous point? Sinema @ Old School!

2011-01-30 16.29.27

Love the huge comfy sofa.


Taken from the official event coverage entry on Nuffnang!

Wonder why I took this photo? =)

Around 2pm.

2011-01-30 14.11.11name

Amanda (New Nuffnang Community Manager) spoke about GPlus

Followed by a presentation by the Sinema.

Trailer time!2011-01-30 14.57.04

GAME Time! Our group did not emerge as the winner but congrats to the other groups who won! We had various tasks to do! Find tattoo guy, find famous blogger, find red shirt ppl... etc and take a polariod!

I had the chance to see the few bloggers I follow! @typicalben (Benjamin Toh), @bongqiuqiu (Qiu Ting), @jayleif (Jayden),@hiroki_ye during the game time. (Saw @dweam towards the end of the session).

Voting time for our GPlus Committee!

Break for munchies!!!

Ohm Nom Nom!

Next, the bloggers gave their thoughts!

Typicalben, Bongqiuqiu, Esther!

Cookie monster ring? Or Elmo (painted blue?)!

Qiu Ting!


Update frequently + photoshop + be yourself is my main take away from the bloggers!

Dr Leslie, who blogs at!

He gave us so much insides to FOOD! Even the slightly not so healthy part of it (e.g. how Ramen soup is prepared!). Saw him mostly on TV, didn't know he has such a good sense of humour!

After his talk, we had the announcement of our newly elected President and Vice-President of Glitterati Plus! =) Congrats to Hong Peng and Thiang!

Thanks to Nuffnang, I met the bloggers up close and had a great day. It ended with a photo with a cute lady. Guess who?


Btw, she doesn’t Photoshop her pictures! This doesn’t count as Photoshop as this is Lightroom-ed. Haha.

= About Nuffnang & Glitterati Plus =

Oh yar. I mentioned about Glitterati Plus by Nuffnang right? To join you have to be:

  1. Blogger must fulfil the basic requirements of a Glitterati membership to join Glitterati+.

  2. Blogger has to be active with frequent updates on their blog.

  3. Blogger has to be at least 30% active in contests or events organized by Nuffnang in the past 6 months.

Sup sup shui lar. Very easy to fulfil.

Then, just pop over to, click Join Us and fill in the form as shown below.

Next, just wait for Nuffnang’s confirmation! =)

That’s all I have! Looking forward to events with Nuffnang!

Now for the apologies:

-Used mostly photos taken by the Nuffnang Photographer as I realized that the photos taken with my Galaxy S C.M.I. Even photoshop can’t save it!

-This entry was late cos I was busy eating CNY goodies during Chu Xi to Chu Si of CNY. Fei si wo! Haha.

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