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For those of you who have been following me on twitter, you should have known that my twitter handler is "@jalormee".

It is a pun (a bad pun actually!) on my English name - Jeremy.

And, the word actually means eat braised noodles in Hokkien!
For those who don’t understand what is braised noodles, it is a local dish. As the name suggests, the main part of the dish contains noodles. The (yellow) noodles is prepared by boiling them in water, and the thick, sticky gravy is added to it.
2011-10-09 11.40.33
From the picture, you can’t see the noodles! Haha. Apart from the noodles & gravvy, spring onions, garlic, char siew and vinegar is added to this local delicacy. Sounds like a heavy dish? No it isn’t!
Wonder how it taste like? Check out my lor mee post coming soon! (:

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