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Hmm, let me talk about how I lost three teeth within forty-five minutes.

No pictures here, but real experiences.

To share with those who wants to read about my little experience here.

Background: I have a total of three wisdom tooth, two on my left.

The lower left wisdom tooth cos the molar next to it to start to decay as food constantly gets stuck between them.

Thus, the dentist got me to remove them.

At first I thought only two, but on the day of the surgery, he convinced me to remove the one on the upper left.

So three tooth: 1x molar, 2 x wisdom tooth.

Surgery Starts

The surgery starts with the injections of the local anaesthetic, which is the painful bit.

I kept on "ah ah ah... (the painful way)" when the injection happened.

Three teeth, so a large area have to be numbed.

After that, the first wisdom tooth came out (upper left) with a little pulling.

Next, they had to use some drilling to chip off the molar and the lower left wisdom tooth.

The drilling is noisy and can feel the pressure of pushing the tooth. The sensation is not that intolerable. Perhaps the vibration is too strong, even my other teeth feels a bit strange.

The whole surgery took less than 45 minutes, and gone are three of my tooth.


Got the medicine from the Pharmacy and went home in cab.

Blood doesn't stop bleeding. Ate the necessary medicine and porridge.

Went to sleep.

I spent the whole night swallowing my blood. Leaving blood stains on my bedsheet and pillowcase.

I think I lost the most blood that night.

The next morning, I woke up with a blood stained mouth. Looks bloody, but it seems like it stopped bleeding.

Rinsed it off and so far so good. Didn't feel much pain after the surgery. Perhaps the medicine is strong enough.

Now still recovering, but the empty slots are the most irritating. Have to make sure that no food gets stuck.

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