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Just watched this on Wednesday with a group of classmates. We went to JB to watch it at the newly renovated Cathay at City Square mall! The tickets cost us each RM 13.

Over the causeway, they are having it in the Cantonese audio, with gives the movie-goers the original flavour of the Hong Kong blockbuster. For those who don't understand Cantonese, there are Malay, Chinese, English subtitles. As for yours truely, I can understand basic Cantonese (unable to speak properly though). I would say the subs are of good quality and I will also eyeball on them as it goes.

Cold War is the opening movie for the Busan International Film Festival.

The movie sets in modern day Hong Kong. As the world's safest city proudly proclaimed by the movie, the law enforcers; Police Department and ICAC, are challenged by a group of criminals. 1 Police Van, fully loaded, 5 police constables, missing overnight, without a trace.

I entered a little while after the movie starts, say 5 minutes? When i entered the theatre, it starts off with an action packed scene, keeping audiences to the edge of their seats.
The script was well thought through. It leaves you thinking who is the mastermind of the crime, right till he is "announced".

I shall not say too much, if not I will go into the spoilers!

Verdict? Watch lor!

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