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Sony announced this little ball that the Sony President and COO Phil Molyneux carries around wherever he goes at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January this year. It is a cute ball shaped speaker that is no bigger than a tennis ball.
Here is a photo of the items that come with the speaker in the review set. The speaker (BTV5), the carry pouch, a charging cable.
One good thing about the BTV5 is that it is small (68 mm x 65 mm) and light (130g) to fit in one hand. Slide to the right to turn it on, the blue light will blink.
The mic and the call button. The BTV5 can double up as a handsfree speaker to answer your incoming calls or outgoing calls.
The connectors, audio in and the usb port for charging.
Volume control buttons.  DSC00704
It is very easy to connect, simply turn on the NFC function (if available) and tap your phone on the speaker. Here is my Sony Xperia V (just so coincidental that my phone is a Sony mobile :P ) trying to connect to the speaker. If you do not have a NFC equipped mobile phone, you can always do the pairing manually by turning on the bluetooth and go to the settings.


Playing SHINee’s Dream Girl through the speaker. It is loud enough to be audible in my living room, competing with the sounds coming from my TV.
Another shot from another angle!

Verdict? 4/ 5 for its portability and size!

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