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Early October, Ramen Champion invited some bloggers to taste the two new Tonkotsu brands as they are launched officially.

Firstly, the Mendokoro Aoi ramen. The light broth is the signature of their ramen. Tonkotsu ramen's soup base is usually rich due to the use of pork bones in the soup. As shared by the staff, it is Chef Kazuo Sakuraoka's secret formula makes the broth light and no smell of pork bones. In Japan, this shop is very popular amongst the ladies!

The second addition is Tonkotsu Itto by Chef Yukihiko Sakamoto. The Tonkotsu Itto ramen follows the Hakata style of ramen, with the rich, milky, pork-bone broth. According to the staff, the shop is ranked as the no. 1 ramen shop in Tokyo and mentioned by several publications.

Together with the addition of the two new stalls comes the Ramen Big Eater Challenge, which is part of the Food Challenge Asia Championship. Ramen Champion branches from Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore will be involved. Eight participants will be selected to challenge against the renowned big eater Tomoko Miyake on 14 November 2013. They will be competing with the number of bowls of ramen they can consume from the two new additions, Mendokoro Aoi and Tonkotsu Itto!

For more information about Ramen Champion, please visit their website or their facebook page.

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