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Just last Saturday, I was invited by a fellow blogger Tselyn to attend the launch of her new venture - CHEEtSE which sells cheesy hearts!

So what are cheesy hearts?

(Photo credit Tse Lyn)

It is delicious dessert with a layer of biscuit base, cream cheese and topped with a layer of jelly! 

Her mum is very supportive of her, even handmade these for us to take home!
She invited us to the cozy launch party at Studio Space, located near Aljunied MRT. She also invited her baking friends (@_SYAFIIQAHH, @bakedwithlorve) to the party, raising awareness for their products! 

Brownies in a jar!

Tse Lyn even thoughtfully prepared a photo booth to turn our captured memories into prints!

With this little cutesy portable printer from LG! All you need to do is to install the LG Pocket Photo app from Google Play or Apple's app store, and send the photos via a tap or bluetooth!

Waiting for my turn to print the photos! Oh man I look so fat here! (Photo credit Tse Lyn)

She also got in karaoke for us to keep us entertained! 

Thank you Tse Lyn for the invitation! I enjoyed the a lot and made new friends! 
Best wishes to your baking venture!

To find out more about their baking creations, check them out though the methods below:

Instagram: @whisk_treats/@_SYAFIIQAHH
HP: 96503485

Instagram: @bakedwithlorve/ @Lindiilorve

Instagram: @Tselyn/ Twitter: @Tsezi

(Pardon me for the weirdly sized photos as they are taken either using Instagram and my phone's camera app)

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