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Yes, I have been slacking lately on the blog updates! 

I wonder how many people do read my blog regularly. Been busy with my work!

And yes! Today is 初九 (ninth day of the first lunar month), which is a big day for Hokkiens in certain parts of Asia. I wonder how many youngsters know about today, apart from the 初七 - 人日 (seventh day of the first lunar month).

Hint: Go here to find out

If you don't know about the above, don't even talk about the song below.

(Credits goes to the owner of the video!)

I'll like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony

I could not recall when I first heard this song. It surely isn't through the commercial as I was not born when they released this commercial. It is an interesting song, full of hope for a better world. Hopefully, our world will be better!

Nothing much from me today, I guess I would sign off abruptly here. Till the next time.

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